In what is sure to be a controversial move, Mike O’Brien, Arenanet’s Lead Designer, announced today that after the release of the game’s new shortbow, Chuka and Champawat, no new legendaries will be released in the foreseeable future.

In this post on the official game forums, Mike said:

“Last year we talked about plans to gradually build out a second set of legendary weapons through live content updates. That’s a big responsibility. We have a team of six developers working on that, who could work on it for years to come.

As game director I have to make tough trade-offs. One thing I believe is that we have to focus on the core game first before taking on additional responsibilities. I wrote in theGuild Wars 2 Design Manifesto in 2010 that our vision was to create a living, dynamic world, where there’s always something to do. Let’s ensure we succeed on that front.

So, after shipping Chuka and Champawat, I’ve asked that we indefinitely suspend work on new legendary weapons. This team of developers will instead shift their efforts back to Living World style content, building new journeys and events for everyone to participate in.”

While this will undoubtedly leave many players unhappy, at least the “joke” weapons (The Dreamer and Quip) now have more serious counterparts. And with luck, the reassignment of those developers will lead to a speedier return of the living story.