Cheap Exotic Gear

Your First (or not) Exotic Gear Set

If you’re looking to gear up in exotic armor (the highest stat set aside from Ascended), you might have looked at the prices on the trading post and blanched. It’s definitely not cheap – and a lot of the time, it’s not worth it to craft, because the materials cost more than the armor piece or weapon would be to buy.

Dungeon Tokens

Dungeon tokens are the easiest and cheapest way to get exotic gear. Find a dungeon that offers the stats you like (use this guide), and do all three of the paths at least once per day. You’ll get ~100 tokens per path once per day. If you do the paths again, you’ll get 20 tokens. It will take some time to earn enough tokens for a full set, but in the meantime you’ll be making gold.┬áDungeons also reward an okay amount of silver and can have valuable drops from the reward chests.

Badges of Honor

Exotic Armor can also be purchased in your home WvW borderlands at the Armor Master. These have less stats available in comparison to Dungeon armors, but nevertheless have some of the most popular combinations. Each piece costs 120-200 badges and up to 1 gold (for a full set, 5.44 gold and 950 badges). Armor purchased with badges may be salvaged to retrieve the upgrades, but do not grant ectos or other crafting materials.


Exotic rarity armor may be purchased from the Orrian Temples, but I don’t recommend it. The cost for a full set is 252,000 karma – which is quite high. Additionally, karma-purchased armor cannot be salvaged. So if you do decide to purchase these pieces, be aware that any valuable runes you place in them can ONLY be retrieved by purchasing an Upgrade Extractor, which are 250 gems apiece.


Last updated: September 26, 2016 at 0:11 am