Cheap 20-Slot Bags

20-slot bags

If you’ve looked into making or buying 20 slot bags, you’ve probably been put off by the price. To buy them ready-made from the TP costs 11+ gold…and if you want to make them, the rune required to craft them costs 10 gold by itself. Compared to the ~2 gold of an 18 slot bag, it hardly seems worth it.

1-Time Acquisitions

There are some 20-slot bags that can be obtained for free or cheap, but only once. Here are two of those examples:

Uncanny Jar

This is obtained from a basic collection that involves, you guessed it, collecting jars. The wiki article has a list of all the items and where they can be found. Their total cost is a handful of karma and less than a gold.

Bandit Coin Purse

This bag’s collection needs to be purchased by buying a Bandit Combat Journal in the Silverwastes. To obtain the bag, you need to unlock the skin of all 19 bandit weapons, which can be obtained in several ways. The cheapest way is to open the chest in Remnant’s Retreat (once per day) and hope for good luck. Beyond that, however, the cheapest is to take a low-level character and purchase them in World vs World for karma (this does not include the underwater variants, however). They can also be crafted, however this isn’t a very cost-effective option due to the high cost of iron ore.

Fractal Relics

Another cheap way is with Fractal Relics. You can buy 20-slot Equipment Boxes for 150-250 fractal relics. The downside to these is that they will not let you use the “compact” option in your inventory, which can make them kind of a pain. However, they’re worth buying if you intend keep your gear in them, or if you’re one of those philistines who doesn’t use the inventory compact option.

Badges of Honor

With the addition of Heart of Thorns, you can now purchase 18 and 20 slot bags with your Badges of Honor. Simply visit an Outfitter in your home borderlands, and you can get 18 slot Pillager’s Packs for 75 badges and 1.5g, or 20 slot Pillager’s Packs for 350 badges and 7g. You can also purchase Siegemaster’s Satchels, which prioritize consumable items over others.

Candy Corn

You can buy a 20-slot Halloween Pail for the low-low price of only 3 candy corn cobs (made up of 3,000 total candy corn). During the Halloween events and for a while afterwards, this is often a significantly cheaper option than the others. However, later in the year, it grows more expensive as the candy corn supply dwindles.


Last updated: October 5, 2016 at 18:35 pm