TacO is one of the most widespread overlay programs currently in use, due to its unique ability to read the game screen and place markers or sound alerts – making things like map completion, raid runs, or world bosses significantly easier.

You can watch this video by Youtube sensation WoodenPotatoes for a general overview of what the program does, and why it’s so popular:

For links to the program, as well as additional marker packs, please visit the TacO Tactical Overlay official website.

Here’s the description of GW2 Cursor from the program’s official git page:

I got tired of losing my mouse pointer in particle fireworks in the heat of the battle in Guild Wars 2. So I wrote this small script to make the mouse cursor more visible:



It’s written in AutoIt3, a scripting language for Windows automation. There’s is also a standalone version so you don’t need to install AutoIt3 to use it.

Look at the file settings-example.ini for some configuration options and examples for adding your own cursor.

How does it work?

Basically the black cursor you see is just a semi-transparent, arrow-shaped, click-through window that moves around with your mouse pointer. The script simply checks the mouse position 120 times per second (twice the screen refresh rate) and then moves the overlay to where your mouse is.

This approach has the limitation that there is a slight delay. So when you move your mouse, the overlay cursor will always lag behind the real cursor a bit. You need to decide for yourself if this annoys you or not. For me it’s okay because the overlay is very visible while the default cursor is nearly invisible when you move it quickly, so I only see the overlay anyways.

Note: Since the cursor is just a window, it will not be visible in fullscreen mode, where all windows are hidden. You need to run the game in windowed mode or windowed fullscreen mode to see the cursor.

Download the program from the git page by choosing “clone or download” and then selecting the zip. The program runs out of whatever folder you place it in, without the need to install anything.

YoloMouse is the more popular cursor-replacer, with more features and a flashier landing page.

It functions similarly, by replacing your mouse cursor with a larger and more noticeable graphic.

Here’s a WoodenPotatoes video on how to customize it:

Reddit user /u/IridiumElement has created an overlay to tell you what Mordrem part is currently being bought by the Cryptobotanist, and which is upcoming.

From the reddit post:

I’m back again with another Rainmeter overlay! This time, it’s focused on the Silverwastes, specifically the Cryptobotanist. It displays the Mordrem organ that he is currently paying full price for (35 crests), the time until he moves (shifty bugger…), and the on deck organ he will be buying next. Additionally, it also has an optional map you can toggle on and off that highlights his current location.


  • Displays the organ that the Cryptobotanist is currently paying full price for.
  • Has a countdown timer until he moves (every 1/2 hour).
  • Shows the on deck organ that he will be buying in his new location.
  • Toggle on/off a map that highlights his current location by clicking the merchant icon.

Remember, for this to work, GuildWars must be run in “Windowed Fullscreen” or “Window” mode and the skin be set to “Stay Topmost”.

Update Log


  • Incorporated suggestions from /u/killall-q[4] to greatly increase efficieny with the Lua script and remove the tiny bit of lag when toggling the map. PNGs are slightly compressed.

Here’s a description from the GW2Navi Official Site:

GW2Navi is an ArenaNet promoted program window that embeds Chromium with the “Always On Top” feature. If you use Steam from Valve, you have already used such a program: The Steam Overlay. Or more familiarly, the Black Lion Trading Company in game which itself is an embedded browser.

As an overlay, GW2Navi features:
– Transparency levels and clickthrough
– Quick Save/Load presets of window size and position
– Theme the window frame with full color palette
– Custom Cursors use PNG or animated GIFs as your own high-visibility cursor


As a browser, it can:
– View websites directly on Guild Wars 2
– Open bookmarks that you added in a portable text file

As a program viewing GW2Timer.com, which was promoted by ArenaNet, it has access to all the site’s features:
– Advanced world boss timers with detailed event chains and variable voice alarm
– Intuitive analog clock with 3 visual layouts and Heart of Thorns & new Living Story zones timeline
– Informational voice alerts for gem store wishlist items and new game patch release
– Tactical WvW live map with siege placement tool and voice narration
– Interactive world map completioner with GPS to find achievements, resource nodes, and guild missions
– Personal map-checklist for jumping puzzles, chests, ranger pets, collectibles, dungeons, and dailies
– Calendar of daily achievements and Notepad to store traits and game notes
– Live Trading Post tracker and notifier, with gem exchange and calculator
– Armory with advanced search Inventory/Bank/Wardrobe and Character Builds via Account API

If you’re interested in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 custom cursors to use with YoloMouse, GW2 Cursor, or GW2Navi, Reddit user /u/Yorrn extracted these cursors from the game files.

Here is a mirror of those files, in case the download breaks in the future.

GW2 BGDM, or Bhagawan’s Guild Wars 2 DPS Meter is a program intended to help raiders make the most of their damage output. From the official description:

BGDM is an overlay for Guild Wars 2 that provides:
 – Personal & Group DPS & damage meter
– Buff uptime monitoring
 – Health bar, breakbar & distance information
 – Compass
– Live Update (never have to update post GW2 patches again!)

BGDM has caused a bit of a stir, as it previously violated Anet’s ToS, before the creator, Bhagawan, took steps to make it compliant. Unfortunately, it was not done in enough time to prevent the developer’s banning from the game. You can read more about the situation, and download the now-legal program (which is likely to be continued by another developer), at BGDM’s Official Site.

Screenshot of the overlay in action.

ArcDPS is another DPS meter, for raiders or anyone who cares a lot about their personal damage.

There are no official screenshots available.

You can read more about the program, or download it, at the ArcDPS official website.