My name is Lyra. I was awakened in the Cycle of Noon, which I guess is the equivalent of a human’s being born a summer child. I am young, even by sylvari standards. We as a race are little more than children, the oldest among us (the Firstborn) being but twenty-five years old. I have lived as an individual for a matter of months, but I carry with me the experience and knowledge of the Mother Tree, who nurtures and teaches us in the Dream before we awaken.

Every experience from every sylvari, I think, gets absorbed into the Dream, and then pieces of it are passed around to the new sprouts, so they might have a bearing on the world they’re being brought into. It’s a complicated phenomenon, and I’m not even sure that the Pale Tree knows everything there is to know about it. She is the arbiter of it, however, and is responsible for giving us the knowledge she thinks it is right for us to have.

I have known since my birth that I am destined for something great. Actually, perhaps “destined” isn’t the right word. Maybe “great” isn’t right, either. I am compelled to do the impossible. It’s an unrest in my stomach, an itching underneath my skin. My people call it the Wyld Hunt. It’s said that the Mother Tree never gives a hunt that is beyond possibility, but I am not so sure. Many of the Valiants I know have drives to foster orphans, or fight in the Mists, or save sacred animals. Those goals all seem so… attainable. Mine is to defeat an Elder Dragon – the corrupter of the dead, Zhaitan. A daunting task for someone who is not yet a year old.

I am not alone in my Wyld Hunt, however. Caithe, one of the Firstborn, shares it with me. When I was very young, we bonded because of it. Caithe taught me to fight and be ferocious, and to seek out new ways to test myself. Recently, though, I’ve felt her becoming distant from me. Though that is not the greatest of my concerns, it does upset me.

My quest to find some way of defeating an impossibly powerful being has taken me along some strange paths. I have garnered my fair share of renown in a short time through my interactions with Destiny’s Edge: an elite guild of would-be dragon killers. Together we have saved monarchs, retrieved ancient artifacts, and taken down other threats to Tyria.

Well…I say “together,” but while I have the privilege of calling them my friends individually, as a group they… Well, suffice it to say, there is some bad blood there. After they lost one of their members in an ill-fated attempt to defeat the crystal dragon Kralkatorrik, there has been a rift between them.

So, by and large, I have found my own way. At the urging of my Mother, I have allied myself with the Vigil, a military order formed to fight the elder dragons. It would not take me long to rise through their ranks – I don’t mean to brag, but I did mention I have the collected wisdom of years and many lifetimes, didn’t I? Alongside them, I have finally begun to make some progress against my ultimate target: Zhaitan.

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