What are Dailies?

What exactly are “dailies?”

Dailies refers primarily to a category of achievements that reset every day. It can also refer to other timegated daily tasks, like those visible on our dailies tool, but for the purpose of this guide, we’ll only be referring to the first meaning.

You can view the day’s Daily Achievements by hitting H for your Hero Panel and selecting the Achievements tab. It should look something like this:


There are several different categories of dailies. There’s the original Daily category (there pictured with a purple circle with a star in it), which has 3 sub categories: PvE, PvP, and WvW. For Heart of Thorns users with the Living Story Season 3 unlocked, there are the Daily [Map Name] categories, one for each new map.

There are also Daily Fractals, beneath the Fractals of the Mists tab, but those are outside the scope of this guide, as they are largely self-explanatory (just do the fractal numbers).

If you do 3 dailies from the PvE, PvE, or WvW categories (you can mix and match), you gain some spirit shards and 2 gold. That makes doing your dailies a worthwhile time investment, as you can do them quite quickly. Here’s a list of easy dailies to do, and how to do them!
Gathering Dailies

Gathering Dailies are ones such as Ascalon Lumberer or Maguuma Wastes Forager.

The easiest way to do most of these is to tag along into someone’s loaded Home Instance in the suggested area (so Black Citadel for Ascalon, Rata Sum for Maguuma Jungle, etc). There is almost always someone offering entry in those maps, or via LFG. 

If you’re a Heart of Thorns player and you get the Heart of Maguuma ____, you can finish that in your guild’s Guild Hall (assuming you have the node synthesizer upgrades). If these don’t work out, or the daily is the Maguuma Wastes, here’s some suggestions for easy/profitable places to complete these dailies.




Orr (this option will only show to accounts with a level 80 character) –

Maguuma Jungle

Maguuma Wastes

  • Lumberer: Nowhere in particular. Sorry, you’ll just have to wander.
  • Gatherer: Dry Top Oasis – [&BIYHAAA=]
  • Miner: Dry Top Quartz (2 nodes, you pass one to get to the one pictured) – [&BHoHAAA=]

Heart of Maguuma (this will only show for HoT users) –


WvW Dailies

If you’re a regular WvWer, this section probably doesn’t apply to you, as most of these dailies are easily accomplished during regular play. However, if you’re a PvE player, there are some dailies that are worth doing even if you generally dislike WvW. This is because WvW Dailies offer Potions of WvW Rewards, which progress reward track progress. As of this writing, WvW reward tracks are the only way to earn the Gift of Battle, necessary for making Legendaries. By doing these easy dailies when they appear, you can purchase a Gift of Battle without having to do much WvW at all.

WvW Big Spender – This is the easiest of all of them to do, as you don’t even need to enter WvW to achieve it. It does require that you have 25 Badges of Honor, however (but those are granted with achievement reward chests, so you likely have some). To do this, go to your Guild Hall and speak to Davis the Survivor in the War Room. He only sells one thing, a Badge of Tribute, which you can use for guild upgrades, scribing, or sell on the trading post.

WvW Master of Monuments – In order to complete this daily, you need to capture a monument (or shrine) in any of the borderlands. This is obviously going to be easiest in your home borderlands, where you have a nearby waypoint in case you run into a wandering enemy.

WvW Land Claimer – This achievement is rather vaguely phrased – what you have to do is find a sentry guard (marked on your minimap with coloured flags) and kill them, then claim that spot for your server. This is a little more hotly contested than the Master of Monuments, but it works out: even if you are killed in the process and the enemy caps the point, as long as you got credit for killing the sentry, you will get credit for the daily.


PvP Dailies

Much like the WvW dailies, the PvP dailies may be worth doing in order to gain the Potions of PvP Reward. Most of them are easily earnable in a single match, but if you dislike PvP, that may not matter to you. Here are a few that you can do cooperatively, if you find a dailies arena that allows for cooperative play:

Daily PvP Player Kills – You need to kill 3 players (or 1 player 3 times). You should always ask before you kill when you’re in a dailies arena.

Daily Top Stats – This is quite easy to get, as there are many top stats: Most Damage Taken, Most Boons Applied, Most Healing Done, etc. Kill one person or have them kill you, make sure you use your heal skill once or apply some boons, and you’re set.

Daily PvP Reward Earner – This may require more than one game in a custom arena to achieve. However, you can get it easily by using 1-2 Potions of PvP Reward without ever entering the Heart of the Mists. Useful if you need a third daily for the 2g bonus and don’t have much time.

Vista Viewer

Daily [Area] Vista Viewer is arguably the easiest possible daily you can get. Here is a quick guide to some very easy vistas to view in each area:

Maguuma Jungle: Apprentice Waypoint – [&BLcEAAA=]

Apprentice Waypoint Vista

Maguuma Jungle Vista Viewer Daily – Apprentice Waypoint, Rata Sum

Kryta: Beetletun Waypoint – [&BPoAAAA=]

Beetletun Waypoint Vista

Kryta Vista Viewer Daily – Beetletun Waypoint, Queensdale

Ascalon: Memorial Waypoint – [&BKYDAAA=]

Memorial Waypoint Vista

Ascalon Vista Viewer Daily – Memorial Waypoint, Black Citadel

Shiverpeaks: Southern Watchpost Waypoint – [&BI4DAAA=]

Southern Watchpost Waypoint Vista

Shiverpeaks Vista Viewer Daily – Southern Watchpost, Hoelbrak

Orr: Fort Trinity Waypoint – [&BO4CAAA=]

Fort Trinity Waypoint Vista

Orr Vista Viewer Daily – Fort Trinity, Straits of Devastation

Maguuma Wastes: Camp Resolve Waypoint – [&BH8HAAA=]

Camp Resolve Waypoint Vista

Maguuma Wastes Vista Viewer Daily – Camp Resolve, The Silverwastes

Heart of Maguuma: Jaka Itzel Waypoint – [&BOAHAAA=]

Jaka Itzel Vista

Heart of Maguuma Vista Viewer Daily – Jaka Itzel, Verdant Brink


Misc PvE Dailies

Daily Mystic Forger – This is one of the best dailies to complete, as it rewards a Mystic Coin. You can forge rares or exotics and hope for a precursor – or throw in 4 cheap runes/sigils for a low-cost alternative.

Daily Jumping Puzzle/Minidungeon – These are generally worth doing, as very often there is a mesmer at the end offering ports directly to the loot.

Daily Adventure (req. HoT) – This is all down to preference, and what adventures you find easy. Personally, I’ll do a Daily Salvage Pit, but I’ll skip Daily Floor is Lava.

Living World Dailies

All the LS3 daily categories

To keep this guide to a reasonable length, I’ve opted not to give each Living World Map it’s own dailies section, but instead cover them all at once. There are a lot of them (6 maps!), so this section of the guide may not be as comprehensive as the rest of the guide.

Daily Bloodstone Fen

  • Daily Bloodstone Aerial Skill User
  • Daily Bloodstone Magic Gatherer
    • Both of these can be obtained roughly simultaneously by gliding off the airship, collecting the trail of Unbound Magic whorls, and using the 3,4 and 5 skills while gliding.

Daily Bitterfrost Frontier

  • Berry Acquisition
    • This daily can actually be completed without even going to the zone. Access to a Home Instance with the Winterberry node will grant this daily immediately. This has been patched. 🙁 It can also be achieved easily within the Bitterfrost Frontier itself.
  • A Torch in the Ice
    • This requires you to defend one of the Koda’s Fire areas, and thus requires just 1-5 minutes of your time, and essentially no map completion.

Daily Ember Bay

  • Daily Ember Bay Magic Gatherer
    • This is really the only fast daily in this zone, unless you happen upon a boss in the daily rotation that’s already being taken down. To get this, hop onto the ley-line and allow it to carry you on a tour of the island until you have the daily.

Daily Lake Doric

  • A Peach a Day
    • To complete this daily, reach the Peach Grove beyond Noran’s homestead, speak to the Oakheart there, and eat the peach he gives you (you can toss the pit if you’ve got the collection for it done). And while you’re in that area, you might as well complete the next easy daily:
  • Magic Gatherer

Daily Draconis Mons

  • Daily Fire Orchid Posy
    • Simply harvest Primordial Orchids until you get 5 Fire Orchid Blossoms. You can progress this achievement in your Home Instance and any other location in Tyria that you’ve planted Fire Orchid Blossoms (such as the garden in Dierdre’s Steps, or the garden in Dry Top).
  • Daily Unbound Magic Gatherer
    • Unbound Magic is common enough to make this an easy daily.

Daily Siren’s Landing

  • Oyster Farmer
    • Perhaps a bug, but currently this is granted upon interact, not harvest – so by interrupting the harvest animation, one can finish the daily at a single Oyster node. The Home Instance node does not grant progress toward this achievement.
  • Visit With a Stranger
    • Find Botanist Willow, who is due south of the Grenth waypoint in the upper area with the Orrian Gorillas, and /wave at her.

Daily Domain of Istan

  • Hidden Stash Hunter:
    • Find and open 3 hidden stashes within the zone.

Daily Sandswept Isles

  • In honesty, there aren’t really any quick-and-easy dailies here, unless you happen to tag a bounty for Bounty Hunter, or the race happens to be active.

Daily Domain of Kourna

  • Shard Hoarder
    • Obtain 5 Inscribed Shards from Kournan Supply Caches. This can be progressed with the home instance node.


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