Events – Normal

If you like fast-paced, active playing, this is a great option for you. Every event gives an award chest, which can contain Silverwastes Shovels (used to dig up Lost Bandit Chests), or even rare-quality weapons and armor. It’s in your best interests, then, to tag a lot of different events. You can either roam the map, catching events as you walk past them, or my personal preferred option of picking one of the forts to defend, and catching all the events that surround it.

For defend/reclaim events, or for pack bull escort events, killing at least 1 enemy associated with the event will net you credit. For pack bull events, you can also rez the bull for credit. For rubble events, you must turn in at least 1 piece of rubble. Finally, for “veteran mordrem” events, you just have to do a certain amount of damage to the veteran in question to get credit.

Once the map’s progress bar (upper right) has filled, there will be a series of boss events that offer significant rewards. The first is Breach: at each of the four camps, a hole (read: sarlacc pit) will open in the ground. Jump (don’t walk) into it, and you’ll face a boss. If breach is successful, you’ll get some loot and a Greater Key of Nightmares. If breach fails, you’ll get slightly less loot and no key.

Next up is Vinewrath: If you participated in the Twisted Marionette fights of yore, this will be familiar to you. There are three lanes that will fight the bosses separately from one another, until all 3 bosses are defeated. You get loot for each boss defeated (and 2x loot for the boss you personally helped on). If Vinewrath is successful, you’ll get a big pop-up chest (over your minimap), and access to 3-5 chests inside the boss fight area. One guaranteed big chest (which has a minute chance of dropping the Preserved Queen Bee, and 2-4 Lost Bandit Chests (which require Bandit Keys to open). If Vinewrath fails, you get neither the pop-up chest, nor the inside chests, and the map proceeds to the final event.

A quick note before we continue: If you purchase Mordrem Dissectors, then for both Breach and Vinewrath bosses, you can use them to get mordrem parts, which sell to the Cryptobotanist for a number of Bandit Crests, which can then be converted to gold.

The final event in an event map is the Tangled Labyrinth. The name suggests a bizarre film in which Jareth the Goblin King kidnaps Rapunzel, but alas, it’s just an underground maze filled with radioactive salad dogs. This can possibly be the most profitable venture in an event map. Note that just after Vinewrath is completed, a number of champions will spawn, and a lot of people will go fight them instead of going to the labyrinth. There’s a gap between VW ending and TL beginning, so feel free to grab a champ or two (or clear the Hidden Depths waypoint, if you’re the greatest person ever), but it’s generally more profitable to run to the labyrinth after that.

Labyrinth is affectionately known as “pac-man,” because you run around a maze, desperately opening chests, and being chased by radioa – I mean, Bioluminescent Lurchers. They’re big glowing green plant dogs that one- (or at best two-) shot you. Avoid them by turning into a planty flying sperm thing, or using evades and invulns. Scattered throughout the labyrinth are Nightmare Chests, which give loot, including champ bags! They also give you Nightmare Essence, which can be made into that Greater Key of Nightmares I mentioned earlier. And THAT, in turn, is used to open the Grand Nightmare chest in the center of the labyrinth.

Each opening of the Grand Chest grants at LEAST one rare and 3 champ bags, making it incredibly lucrative. Exotics and even precursors can drop from this chest.

Events – RIBA

RIBA-Style Silverwastes takes the “event tagging” that I mentioned above to a whole new level. RIBA stands for Red-Indigo-Blue-Amber, and that’s how the map is played. Players will begin at Red Rock Bastion and tag the events there, then move on to Indigo, tag the events there – and so on, until they leave Amber and end up at Red again. When this is done properly, there’s enough of a chain of a people tagging all the events that they all end up succeeding.

If you’re doing RIBA style, don’t follow the commander too closely – as I mentioned, this style works best if the chain is spread out so that every event is manned at any given moment.

Breach and Vinewrath are the same in both types of maps, but in RIBA style maps, the Labyrinth is rarely done. Instead, the map generally opts to kill the champions that spawn post-Vinewrath, and then do 1-2 rounds of a chest farm, as described below.

Chest Farms

Chest farming is event mapping’s lazy sibling. If you want loot, but you want something slower-paced and zergy, this is the best bet. Full disclosure: you need bandit keys to benefit from it, so you’ll need bandit crests to buy those…so you will basically have to do a couple event maps first. With luck, you’ll also get some Silverwastes Shovels, which are used to uncover the chests in the first place.

There’s not much to explain about chest farming. Use the LFG tool to find a chest farm (some days that’s easier than others). You CAN chest farm in an event map, but it’s kind of considered rude (I think), and plus it’s easier in a dedicated map for it. Bring your shovels, your bandit keys and your inventory space, and follow the zerg around to the chest locations, opening them and moving on. Pretty much it, right there. If you do not have shovels, you CAN go and leech off of whoever does, and no one will know, but again, kinda rude.


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