Harvesting isn’t the most profitable money-making venture, but it is lucrative. There are certain zones which have a high concentration of valuable loot, or you can bounce from guaranteed node to guaranteed node.

Guaranteed Rich Nodes:

If you prefer a more direct approach, rather than running around an entire zone, you can hit only the guaranteed nodes. Usually these are rich nodes, but sometimes they are gardens of valuable resources (such as strawberries or artichokes). I’ve designed an optimized route of these, to help you get the most gathering in with the least amount of waypoint fees.

The route is here. It works best if you have two monitors and can check off/copy the waypoints as you go. However, it can also be used on a mobile device if you don’t need the waypoint copying function. Or you can use this tool by Coo Cubbles to get all the waypoints at once to copy to paste into a bank guild message of the day, squad message, or just to your party.

Depending on the prices of materials and how efficiently you run it, the route can earn you between 9-18g per hour.

Resource-Rich Zones:

If you prefer a more meandering route, with less waypointing, here is a list of zones that provide good chances for harvesting:

Diessa Plateau: Iron, Soft Wood, Strawberries, with possible chances at Chili Peppers or Cotton Scraps (from bags/light armor drop salvage)

Mount Maelstrom: Platinum ore, Hard wood logs, abundance of Verdant Herbs (good chance for Black Peppercorns).

Bloodtide Coast/Timberline Falls: Iron and Platinum ores, Seasoned and Hard Wood logs. Possibility of Linen salvaged from light armor drops.

Sparkfly Fen: Platinum ore, Hard Wood logs. Small chance of linen from salvage of light armor.

Blazeridge Steppes: Iron Ore, Soft and Seasoned Wood.

Kessex Hills: Iron ore, Soft Wood logs, and Toxic Spore Seedlings.