Flax Farming with Alts

One method of earning some idle cash is to harvest the Verdant Brink Flax Farm every day. Flax and its refined form, Linseed Oil, are used in many recipes and hold their value relatively well. This requires Heart of Thorns.

If you have a large number of alts, it can be extremely profitable to leave them at the flax garden and log in on them once a day (the nodes refresh at server reset) to gather.

Some tips to maximize your flax acquisition:

  • Use the Guild Gathering Boost, available from any guild hall with the requisite upgrade.
  • If you have the Laurels to spare, buy an Item Booster for an extra 33% gathering strike. These cost 1 laurel and last 30 minutes (which is a long time on an unused alt, because the duration pauses when the character is not logged in).
  • If you can afford it, pick up a Glyph of Bounty. This offers you an additional 33% chance at a gathering strike.
  • Pair the Glyph of Bounty with a permanent gathering tool such as the Unbound Gathering Blast, which harvests up to three strikes in a single animation, or with the Consortium Harvesting Sickle, which gathers 50% faster than any other sickle.

I personally use the Glyph of Bounty with the Unbound Sickle, Guild Gathering Boost, and I’m lazy at renewing my Item Boosters, and I average 13-28 flax seeds per character. Without the Glyph of Bounty, it’s 9-15, which is still respectable.

Last updated: August 14, 2018 at 13:47 pm