Sometimes, you just want a good old-fashioned grind. Killing mobs for loot and exp, following a commander and mindlessly facerolling every event on the map. No judgment – it’s good money and it can be fun, so long as you don’t burn yourself out on it.


Orr is the old classic for farming. Cursed Shore is the most common, and a champ train of sorts still exists today, though it’s less popular than it was once upon a time. The most lucrative events remain the Plinx train, Melandru temple reclaim, Grenth temple reclaim, and Arah gates defend/reclaim. Beyond that, there are a number of champions that spawn around the map. These are (in no particular order):

Please note that the Champion Risen Gladiator does not drop a champ bag.

World Bosses

Following the world boss train can be fairly lucrative, although for the time taken it’s a relatively low gold-per-hour income. Each fight grants at least 1 rare per account per day in a bonus chest. The large in-world chests that each fight gives are per character per day, meaning that each boss can be repeated for rewards on multiple characters. Currently, most of the bosses are on a timer, and rotate at a rate of approximately 2 hours.

You can use a tool like this timer at to tell you what events are upcoming, and check off which ones you’ve already been to.

There are bosses that grant a bonus chest that are not on a timer, but instead require certain pre-events to be completed. They are (in no particular order):

  • The Eye of Zhaitan: Has a chance to drop the Pendant of Arah, needed for the Treasure Hunter collection.
  • Foulbear Chieftain: Has a chance to drop Sam, needed for the Treasure Hunter collection.
  • Nebo Terrace: Rarely done. It’s exceptionally difficult, and grants no large in-world chest.
  • Dredge Commissar: Has a chance to drop Commissar’s Manifesto, needed for the Treasure Hunter collection.
  • Fire Shaman: Also not commonly done. It isn’t as difficult as Nebo Terrace, and grants an in-world chest, but drops no special items and is out of the way.
  • Rhendak: Has a chance to drop Rhendak’s Signet, or the Chalice of Rhendak, both required for Treasure Hunter.
  • The Orrian Temples:
    • Lyssa: Has a chance to drop All-Seeing, needed for Treasure Hunter.
    • Dwayna: Has a chance to drop Star of Dwayna or Dwayna’s Embrace, both of which are used for the Acolyte of Dwayna collection.
    • Balthazar: This doesn’t drop anything unique, and it is one of the longer/more involved events to get started, and can easily fail. However, the temple, when uncontested, is one of the most popular places to obtain Obsidian shards.
    • Grenth: No special drops, but the events spawn a LOT of trash mobs.
    • Melandru: No special drops, but the events (especially second beacon) spawn a LOT of trash mobs.

Champ Trains

Champ trains are profitable in that each champ killed grants a Champion Loot Bag (or champ bag, for short). These drop armor with a chance at rares and unique exotics (some of which contribute to the Exotic Hunter collection and thus sell at a good price), rare materials such as t5-t6 mats, and Bloodstone Dust (which can be converted into random loot using Mawdrey II).

As I have already covered the Cursed Shore champ farm, I’m omitting it here.

At this point, many of the old champ farms have gone the way of the transmutation stone. However, there is one popular one, which is the champ train in Frostgorge Sound.

That said, almost any zone that has numerous champions has some form of champ farm. Particularly Kessex Hills.

Karka Farming

Karka farming tends to come in and out of popularity. What it consists of is running across the Southsun Cove map, killing the Veteran/Young Karka. Veteran Karka drop a guaranteed Karka Shell (price fluctuates from 5-10s), and there’s a chance for Young Karka to drop them, also. Both mobs also have a chance to drop Powerful Blood, which is generally the most expensive tier 6 fine material.

Edge of the Mists

Edge of the Mists is primarily used as a karma farm, due to the high rate of events completed. The rewards are less than what they once were, but are still not bad.


Last updated: September 26, 2016 at 1:39 am