Dungeons used to be one of the best sources of gold in the game, but with the release of Heart of Thorns, the liquid gold rewards were drastically reduced (from 1g+ down to 35-50s, except for Arah). So dungeons are still worth doing as a relatively easy way to obtain exotic armor and weapons, and the tokens can be converted into gold a number of ways. In addition, there are also a number of chests throughout each dungeon, you’ll earn a number of champ bags, and there’s the possibility of drops from the mobs you fight. Dungeons can take as little as 15 minutes, or last as long as several hours, depending on the skill and communication of your team. However, since dungeons are no longer commonly done, it may take you longer to find a group, and thus might make this not worth it.

Whether or not dungeons are a good option for you is down to personal preference. If you decide they are, here are the “easy” paths, which are desirable because the faster you complete them, the better your time:reward ratio is:

Citadel of Flame: Path 1 (Ferrah/Flame Effigy)

Ascalonian Catacombs: Path 1 (Hodgins/Howling King), and Path 3 (Tzark/Rumbles)

Crucible of Eternity: Path 1 (Submarine), Path 3 (Front Door)

Sorrow’s Embrace: Path 1 (Fergg/Tazza), Path 3 (Koptev/Destroyer of Worlds)

Arah: Path 2 (Yissa/Mursaat), Path 3 (Illyra/Forgotten) – Note that Arah is essentially the hardest dungeon in the game. With sub-exotic gear, or a party unfamiliar with dungeon mechanics, these paths can be challenging.

Twilight Arbor: Forward Path, Up Path

Honor of the Waves: Path 1 (Butcher) – Paths 2 and 3 have significant underwater portions, including underwater boss fights.

Caudecus Manor: Path 1 (Asura/Frost), Path 2 (Seraph/Turmaine), Path 3 (Butler/Vallog) – It should be noted that none of the paths of CM are particularly popular. In every group I’ve gone with, all 3 paths have been done. However, path 2 seems the least popular.