Spirit Shards to Gold

Currency Conversion: Spirit Shards 24px-Spirit_Shard

Formerly known as Skill Points, these are one of the most commonly converted currencies. The method of converting them to gold is by using them in Mystic Forge recipes, such as unique weapons like Mjolnir, or promoting lower-tier fine materials to higher-tier ones.

  • The Egg Baron spreadsheet is one of the best-known resources for converting Spirit Shards to gold most effectively. Update Sept 2017: Apparently this spreadsheet pulls information from gw2spidy, which is no longer maintained. Therefore, the information is outdated as of 2016.
  • However, my personal preference is for this spreadsheet¬†(I find it easier to read). It can be finicky to load, so don’t be afraid to refresh until it works.

Often the recipes with the highest per-point profit are promoting tier 1 or 2 materials to the next tier up, but all things can change over time.


Last updated: September 11, 2017 at 18:19 pm