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Currency Conversion: Karma Karma

Pact Supply Mapping Materials

The Pact Supply Network Agents are vendors which are unlocked by completing the Leader of the Pact Mastery level 3. Their locations change daily (they move at midnight PST rather than server reset, which is midnight UTC).

They offer, in exchange for karma, three different items. Only one item per merchant may be purchased (this is account wide, so multiple characters will make no difference). The top item is not worth purchasing. The bottom item is rarely worth purchasing (this is up to personal preference, but many of those recipes can be purchased off of the Trading Post). The best item is the second, the Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials.

These mapping materials grant, upon use, a map bonus reward item. The item is dependant on what zone the item is consumed in and not what map the item is purchased in. Every eight weeks, Frostgorge Sound map rewards include Charged Cores/Lodestones, Powerful Blood, and Giant Eyes. So it’s definitely worth it to buy the mapping materials, and use them all in Frostgorge during that week.

Forging and then Salvaging for Crafting Materials

One method is by purchasing karma items to forge and salvage for linen.

  •  Make sure you have a TON of inventory space. As much as possible. For linen or rugged leather, go to Sorrowful Sound (Waypoint: [&BKQBAAA=] ) and find Bram Dawnrazer. For cotton or coarse leather, visit Herder Lyot at Afgar’s Steading (Waypoint: [&BFMGAAA=]). For wool or thin leather, visit Tiga Fierceblade at the Town of Nolan (Waypoint: [&BN4AAAA=]).
  •  If you haven’t completed the heart, do so. Then speak to the heart quest vendor. Buy the gloves, or the boots, whichever is cheaper. Buy either the leather or the cloth version, depending on which material you want. Do not mix them, or you are NOT guaranteed to get back a piece of armor that salvages to the material you want! Buy the blue rarity. Green rarity costs more but won’t get you better stuff. Fill your inventory with them.
  •  Go to the nearest Mystic Forge and start tossing them in. Salvage what comes out of the forge using a basic salvage kit (higher is unnecessary). Sometimes forging will give you another karma item (unsalvageable), if so, just toss that back in or destroy it.


Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes

One method is via purchasing Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes. These drop vendor trash that sells for an okay amount of silver, and have a rare chance at dropping lodestones, which can be worth up to 2g+. They also drop karma items, so you can recoup some of your spent karma. However, this is not necessarily the best bang for your buck anymore, as the drop rate on lodestones is now much lower than previously. I would only use this method if you really like gambling.


Last updated: September 18, 2016 at 20:27 pm