Heart of Thorns Currencies to Gold

The Heart of Thorns currencies are not great to convert directly to gold, although it can be done. Airship Parts are the currency for Verdant Brink, Aurillium is the currency for Auric Basin (perhaps obviously), and Ley-Line Crystals are the currency associated with the Tangled Depths. Dragon’s Stand does not offer a specific currency (unless you count Crystalline Ore), but rather uses a combination of all the previous currencies.

One use for each of these currencies is the Ley-Energy Matter Converter, but the profitability varies wildly from day to day due to the different goods on offer.

I am also including Unbound Magic on this page, because it’s not big enough to require its own page, and since the Living Story requires Heart of Thorns, it’s…well, close enough.

Airship Parts

You can spend your Airship Parts at any Itzel Vendors in any of the maps. Most of the things you can purchase will be account bound. The exceptions are the Heavy Thorned Bags for 60 airship parts and ~3 silver. These can be sold directly, or opened and the contents sold. You can check this tool to help you decide whether to open or sell. Your other option is the Mini Itzel Bladedancer.

Lumps of Aurillium

As far as I know, there is no way to make gold out of Lumps of Aurillium. If you have excess, you could buy extra keys and just open more chests?

Ley-Line Crystals

Not that you’ll ever have excess Ley-Line Crystals, but it also doesn’t seem that there is any way to convert them to gold at this time.

Unbound Magic

There are two things that you can currently buy with your UM to make money. The Magic-Warped Packet and the Magic-Warped Bundle. These will drop an assortment of crafting materials both common and fine, which can then be sold on the Trading Post.


Last updated: September 19, 2016 at 5:03 am