Fractal Relics to Gold

Currency Conversion: Fractal Relics Fractal_Relic

5 Deeply Discounted Fractal Encryption Keys can be bought for 1g+5 fractal relics (or 1 for 1/5th the price). You have access to this price for up to 30 keys/day (it goes up after that, and resets at daily reset).

The vendor trash “homework” items that drop from the Cracked Fractal Encryptions are worth 20s-1g20s, and the other drops are often worth a handful of silver, also.

Anecdotally, the vendor trash items will provide a profit if the price of Fractal Encryptions is less than 22 silver. If Encryptions sell for 23+ silver on the Trading Post, it is better to list them for sale.



Last updated: September 18, 2016 at 20:27 pm