Dungeon Tokens to Gold

Currency Conversion: Dungeon Tokens Shard_of_ZhaitanAscalonian_Tear

While dungeons are not nearly as lucrative as they used to be, they are still worth doing as an easy source of exotic armor (which precludes the money-making options in this guide), or to complete the dungeon-related collections. There are a couple of ways to make money with dungeon tokens.

One way is by salvaging rares with Master/Mystic Salvage Kits for ectoplasm. The rare armor must be level 69 or higher to produce ectos, however. That means only Honor of the Waves, Citadel of Flame, Crucible of Eternity, and Arah rares will give 0-3 ectoplasm.

Arguably the best way is by purchasing the exotic armor or weapons (helpful for unlocking skins for the aforementioned collections – but if you just want money, buy the light helm piece – it’s the cheapest) to salvage with Black Lion Salvage Kits. This produces 0-3 ecto, Dark Matter, and sometimes an insignia, which are generally worth about 2 gold. Insignias salvage from armor that has a non-craftable stat set. For example, Berserker stats (Power, Precision & Ferocity) are craftable, so no inscription will drop.

Here is a list of what dungeons have non-craftable stat sets to salvage (note that Citadel of Flame has no armor salvageable for insignias:

Ascalonian Catacombs

Soldier’s (Power, Toughness & Vitality)

Magi’s (Healing Power, Precision & Vitality)

Caudecus' Manor

Rabid (Condition Damage, Precision & Toughness)

Shaman’s (Vitality, Condition Damage & Healing Power)

Twilight Arbor

Rabid (Condition Damage, Precision & Toughness)

Magi’s (Healing Power, Precision & Vitality)

Sorrow's Embrace

Soldier’s (Power, Toughness & Vitality)

Honor of the Waves

Soldier’s (Power, Toughness & Vitality)

Crucible of Eternity

Dire (Condition Damage, Toughness & Vitality)


Rabid (Condition Damage, Precision & Toughness)


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