Bandit Crests to Gold

Currency Conversion: Bandit Crests Bandit_Crest

Bandit crests are the currency associated with the Silverwastes, and are earned by completing events or opening Bandit chests. There is a vendor at the entrance to the zone who accepts crests as payment.

  • One of the most worthwhile method of converting bandit crests might be the Bag of Stolen Goods (second tab of the vendor). They can drop a number of valuable crafting materials, including T6 mats. At only 10 crests and 96 copper, that’s a steal.
  • However, another very good option is purchasing Sandy Bags of Gear for 15 crests and 80 copper. If opened on a mid-level character, can be even more profitable than the Bags of Stolen Goods. To determine what is the best level character to open these on, you can consult the loltools website. The tables can be confusing, but all you really need is the huge numbers at the top.
  • The Bag of Rare Gear costs a whopping 250 bandit crests and 20 silver (the average rare, on the other hand, is worth less than 30 silver). It can only be purchased once per day per account, and is generally not worth it.


Last updated: September 26, 2016 at 12:40 pm