Badges of Honor to Gold

Currency Conversion: Badges of Honor Badge_of_Honor

Badges of Honor can buy many things, but almost all of them are account bound or soulbound, and can neither be forged nor salvaged for potential profit.

  • One option is to purchase siege to sell (if you have spirit shards, you can upgrade the siege to the superior level for more gold!). You can consult this page to determine what is currently the most profitable.
  • Another option, and arguably the more lucrative of the two (at the time of this writing) requires you to have a guild hall with the War Room Restoration I upgrade. An NPC named Davis the Survivor sells Badges of Tribute for 30 Badges of Honor apiece. At the time of this writing, these badges sell for roughly 30s a piece (and are used for Guild Hall upgrades!), so if you have the ability to purchase them, this is a great way to make cash out of badges.


Last updated: September 26, 2016 at 12:36 pm