Auric Basin Multimap [Outdated]

This content has been nerfed into relative obscurity.

This guide remains up as a tribute to posterity, but no longer applies to the current state of the game.


Currently, one of the best sources of income in the game is the Auric Basin “multimap” farm.

Is it ‘legal?’

There is some player speculation regarding whether this is considered an exploit, and you should act on your personal feelings on the matter. That said: It has been in existence for a long time now with no official statement against it. Additionally, it is so widespread that were it a bannable offense, ArenaNet would lost an unspeakably huge number of players to bans.

What is it?

Every 2 hours, the Octovine event occurs – this is a siege on Tarir (the city inside Auric Basin). If the map succeeds the event, then an area beneath the city opens up, filled with chests of loot. The highest tier of chest, the Grand Exalted Chest, gives a guaranteed rare item, among other loot. These chests are per character per map instance. That means that you can swap map instances, swap characters, or both, to maximize your loot gain.

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How do I do it?

Check your preferred events timer (I use gw2ninja’s) to find out when the next Octovine is about to happen. Begin checking the LFG tool around the time that the Challenges begin (or a little earlier).

In a multimap squad, there will be different subsquads. Each subsquad represents a different instance of the map. As each instance completes the meta, players will travel to that instance to loot those chests (by right button clicking on the desired character’s name and choosing “Join in Auric Basin”). There are two primary types of multimap:

Anchored Squads

An anchored map is one where each new instance is “anchored” by one player. In these cases, the subsquads will be locked, and the bulk of the players will remain in the main subsquad, using the anchors to taxi into their maps to loot. In these cases it is considered polite to tip your anchors for giving up their own loot by remaining in the same instance the whole time. If you’re in a set organized multimap (such as with the Auric Basinists), then you may simply tip the commander to have the money distributed to the anchors. Otherwise, it is better to tip the anchors directly.

Lobby Squads

These are more common in unorganized squads, and they make use of the main subsquad as a “lobby.” When joining such a squad, find the subsquad that has the most green/filled-in icons. This is your map. If the only people who have green boxes are in the lobby, drag yourself all the way down to form a new subsquad for your map. You can move yourself by clicking on your name box (which is outlined in white) and dragging the icon to the correct place.

When you are finished looting a map, drag yourself up to the lobby, and then join another map. This is important because it prevents people accidentally joining the wrong map. So, if you’re intending to join map 4, but the person you’re joining in has forgotten to move themselves to the lobby, then you could end up joining map 6, the map they were joining. This is confusing and wastes time. Once you’ve joined a map, however, move your icon down to that subsquad so that others can use you to join on.

As with any situation when insecure people get a tiny bit of power, occasionally a Multimap commander will be a power-tripper. It’s frustrating to be trying to participate in the event while someone is threatening to kick everyone constantly (or worse, kicking without warning). While some of this cannot be avoided, here are some tips on how not to get kicked from a squad:

  1. Listen to your commander. Often rules will differ between commanders. You can use /d to speak in squad chat, which is preferable to /p, which speaks only to your subsquad.
  2. Use the lobby correctly. A mistake here or there probably won’t hurt you, but it may cause issues for you or others (as explained earlier).
  3. Volunteer to be a Lieutenant. These move errant players in and out of subsquads to pick up the slack caused by lobby mistakes. This helps the commander and the squad in general.
  4. Don’t be a dick. This is pretty self-explanatory, but it bears mentioning.

salvage all the thingsWhat do I do with all this loot?

The biggest profit comes from salvaging all your rares for ectoplasm. Depending on your squad and your looting technique, you’ll end up with 30+ rares. You’ll want to salvage these with a Master/Mystic/Silver Fed Salvaging Kit, for the highest chance of ectos, but without spending Black Lion Salvage Kits.

You’ll also have a ton of gear bags, champ bags, and so on. The gear that you got directly into your inventory can just be salvaged with a Basic/Copper Fed Salvage Kit. Any openable bags you have two options with: you can open them on a lower level character (check this website for the optimum levels at the moment), and salvage them for high-demand things like iron, platinum, linen, and rugged leather. Alternately, you can open them on a level 80 character for chances at ancient wood, orichalcum, or hardened leather. Generally speaking, opening them on a lower level character is better profit.

Then, sell off your ectos and mats, and you’ve got a good hunk of change. Best part? You can do it all over again in 2 hours.


Last updated: July 24, 2018 at 16:14 pm